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Why are so many Astrologers Falling off the Deep End?

Take a look at what's going on around us- does everything seem okay? With the rise of AI and mental illness it's no wonder people our looking for answers; a human connection, someone to listen, someone to care, someone to let them know every thing is going to be fine, but is that what they find? NO!

Sadly the spiritual community has been hijacked. How many of you have had your Instagram name stolen and lost some support from your community. I know, we all let people know we would never ask for money or personal info by DM, but someone else did, using our name. Regardless of the redundancy of it, the average follower does not know and they might have paid for a reading and never got one. Even though you said it was not you, how do they know? And even if they do, how do you garner enough support to get them to buy something from you in the future? Slimmer chances. This is only part of what happening.

Although many practice astrology, tarot and other spiritual practices as a side hustle, many also use it as their only means of support- that makes it a business. With business comes much more responsibility and also the need for clients. One of the best ways has been online videos on streaming platforms and social media, but something has changed. In the name of "privacy" and "increased security", the rules for advertising have changed online. Although denied, see article here, at the time of the "change" is when everything CHANGED. So much for guidelines that support the community.

But, that's not just it. Most of the high frequency community I know online give so much and this in itself can be draining, but to do the work day in and day out and stay stagnant is disheartening. The stagnation is not from a lack of wisdom or effort, but from narrative perspective. Astrologers speak a language many don't understand, they know things, intuitives' feel what many cannot, they also know things, tarot readers connect with spirit.... ancient or hidden knowledge has that name for a reason, but who doesn't want us to know? That's a question we'll have to address at another time, for now back to your mainstream programming.

Haha, the mainstream- those who laugh off the wisdom of our generational elders and give us bread and circus. Making fun of or dismissing for show, while practicing themselves in the shadow. If they get involved it dissolves for us, we may try to compete with all of our heart but our marketing budgets probably wont come close. And what do the mainstream clients end up getting, a basic, general nothing that makes them laugh it off as a little fun; if only they knew.

In the real world this would not be an issue, because talent, passion and heart could succeed, but we don't live in that world anymore. Sadly, many have accepted the upheaval of our society and are wasting it all away on Netflix and chill. So how would you feel? If everything you worked for, your hopes and dreams, were just dismissed off to the side like now big deal. How about putting all your efforts in to growing a community and have it laying in hiding where no one can find it.

The business that has to be done in life should never take away from the purpose, but the gas-lighting from big tech can definitely knock us off center. A guru does not struggle with mundane nonsense, he only seeks his highest alignment, but when inflations through the roof and everything is up we all start looking for more, or less. So why are so many in the astrology community falling off the deep end? Because the end of this bullshit is near. The bubble is going to burst and all in the spiritual community know what will happen. It's the others that are fighting for the mundane and the control, but we cannot let it get the best of us.

Faith over fear my friends- the spiritual community needs support.

I read a story recently of an amazing violinist who sold out a venue with tickets over $100 each. The very next day he played the most intricate piece written for violin on a 3.5 million dollar instrument in a train station. He made about $30 and got a few claps. Its not that he wasn't amazing, it was the surrounding. No fanfare, no advertising, no acknowledgment, just being out there.

It's time to take a close look at our surroundings, do they support us? Are we putting our eggs in only one basket, are we barking up the wrong trees, are we competing with million dollar budgets with a couple of dollars? Take a breath.... we are more necessary than ever. Do not let the naysayers or dark entities win- light workers unite, the world needs us now!!

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