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Expert Mentorship & Cutting-Edge Marketing Services

Partner with me, Laurie, and tap into a world of dynamic digital marketing strategies tailored just for you. From gripping web copy to impactful social media posts, and from SEO magic to high-converting sales funnels - we've got every corner of your online presence covered. 

Here's a Taste of What You Get:

  • Instant Insight: Receive a Free Website & Digital Marketing Audit. Discover the key areas where your online business can grow and shine.

  • Customized Strategies: Tailored marketing plans that speak directly to your audience. Think captivating blogs, persuasive web copy, and social media strategies that truly engage.

  • Sales Funnel Mastery: Learn the art of creating funnels that don't just attract but convert. I'll guide you through crafting a journey that turns visitors into loyal customers.

  • SEO Optimization: Elevate your website's search engine rankings with proven SEO techniques. More visibility means more business.

And there's more - every solution is fully optimized for mobile, ensuring you're reaching your audience wherever they are.

Let's make your digital dreams a reality - one click, one post, one sale at a time.



Digital Advertising Mastery

Skyrocket Visibility: Through targeted digital ads, we place your brand in the spotlight, ensuring you're seen by the right audience at the right time.



Transfer your site or complete a new design overhaul- we've got you covered.  Personally created unique designs to stand out and have a one of a kind website. Ultra responsive for all devices. Super fast speed optimization. Newsletters and forms, landing pages, plug ins and payment integrations. You are one step away from your dream site. 

Starts at $159


Copywriting That Connects

Engage & Convert: From website copy to ad scripts, our words are crafted to resonate with your audience, driving engagement and conversions.

Check out our Blog here.


Questions, advice, just don't know whats next? We get it! There are tons of services, apps and software out there, but which are best, which do you need, which do you NOT need. Schedule a consultation with Laurie and let her guide you to the best products and services. *Techy yourself, but maybe got stuck- we can help you. 

$ 25/ -15 min $100/hour

Schedule your consult in 15 minute increments- we know your time is valuable and we want to help.


SEO-Driven Content Creation

Climb Search Rankings: With SEO-optimized blogs and content, we help your site climb search rankings, drawing in more organic traffic.


Website Optimization

Maximize Performance: We fine-tune your existing website, enhancing user experience and conversion potential, turning visitors into loyal customers.



Keep your site updated and running at enhanced speeds. This monthly service includes updates, revisions and of course optimization. Websites must remain enhanced as algorithms are frequently changing. Stay on top with our fast and affordable service. We treat your site like our own.  

Starts at $50/month


I am so happy I found Laurie to help me build my site. She not only answered all my questions, she taught me things I didn't even think of. Talking to an individual who was personally doing the job made all the difference, it was fun, fast and exciting. A huge bonus was optimizing everything for mobile devices. I'm not techy, but Laurie made the process seamless and I love my site! Thank you.

Sarah Connely


Hey there, I'm Laurie, your digital marketing ally with over 5 years in the game.

My specialty? Turning good websites into great ones through expert digital ads, compelling copy, engaging blogs, and savvy SEO. 

I’m all about results. Your website isn’t just a virtual space—it’s your digital storefront. And I'm here to make sure it's bustling with traffic and engaging your audience. Whether it’s through razor-sharp ad campaigns, search engine magic, or content that connects, we’ll make your online presence impossible to ignore. ✨

Think of me as your behind-the-scenes maestro, orchestrating your digital success. Together, we’ll elevate your site, captivate your market, and drive real, measurable growth.

Ready to make some noise online?

Let’s chat.

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Schedule Your Strategy Session Now

Ready for real change? Let's personalize your path to digital excellence. Together, we'll craft strategies that truly resonate with your unique business vision. Don't miss this chance for a one-on-one session that could redefine your online success. Book now and let's turn your goals into achievements.

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