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Jumping Dancer

On-Demand Membership


Leaping Dancer


Define, the most prestigious barre certification since 2010, is now OFFICIALLY WAITLISTED! 🌟

While the doors are temporarily closed, here's the secret sauce – you're in for something extraordinary.


✨ Unparalleled Choreography

✨ Proven Teaching Methods

✨ Become Part of a Legacy of Excellence


This isn't just a program; it's a testament to greatness. Since 2010, I've meticulously crafted a legacy of unrivaled choreography and teaching excellence, and now, I'm reshaping the future.


You're not just joining a certification; you're joining a movement. Be ready to redefine your teaching journey and claim your spot in the elite ranks of barre instructors. This is not just an opportunity; it's an invitation to be part of history.


But here's the kicker – it's currently on waitlist, building anticipation and gathering the finest. You crave it, and we know it. 


Are you ready to seize your spot? Apply now and be prepared for an exclusive offer when the doors swing open. Dare to be extraordinary. 

 Define your greatness now! 👉


Thanks for submitting!

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