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What is NOGA?

The Original Yoga without the BS! People often ask, Can yoga be done without the spirituality? And the answer is yes! Noga means brightness and is the shining new star of FITNESS EDUCATION, Next generation, evolved Yoga, Pilates and Barre Trainings. Based on functional movement, we teach directly to each individual body; no confusing words, no religious context, and no dietary restrictions- pure exercise science. Noga is about movement, physical, personal, and professional. Fitness should not be about ideals, it is about movement and results. Our classes and trainings are fast paced, fun and efficient. Giving you the knowledge and expertise to practice, teach and be successful. Leave the history in the past and move forward to the new evolution of fitness. A plank is a plank and a lunge is a lunge, Learn how to intelligently sequence exercises that get results and learn to move your body safe and effectively-
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