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Stretch Amplified


Learn to teach Noga RELAX I Powered by Noga Movement

Find your Zen with Noga Relax! Our unique blend of stretching and meditation is like no other yin yoga class. We help you release deeper into your stretches, improve flexibility, and prevent injury. Increase your sessions with sound-enhanced frequency music for a balanced workout experience. Join us, get certified, and bring Noga Relax to your schedule in 2023. Give your clients the gift of relaxation they deserve.

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Laurie Alfano Fitness Trainer

Meet Laurie Alfano,
Founder, Creator & Movement Maker

Get ready to take your career to the next level with Noga Movement! With over 20 years of fitness experience and over 10 years of certifying instructors, Laurie knows what it takes to be a great instructor. Noga Movement offers high quality and affordable instructor trainings that will teach you not only a class, but how to teach it effectively.

Join Laurie and her team of Noga Nation Teacher Trainers in 2023 and learn from the best. With the option to train online or schedule a live training at your studio, you'll receive a fun, nurturing, and highly effective education in body movement instruction.

Don't settle for just being a good instructor - become great with Noga Movement.


NOGA isn't just yoga, it's an intelligently sequenced approach to stretching that creates new opportunities for greater awareness in both students and instructors. And NOGA RELAX is the yin-inspired stretch class that will inspire and awaken your body to its greatest potential.



What are you waiting for? Get Certified $500

Full Virtual Manual  
20+ Lesson Plans
20+ Music Playlists
Teaching Tips, Tricks and Technique
Teaching Opportunities at Upscale Clubs and Studios
Classes, Classes and more Classes for Life!
PLUS... No Licensing FEES for your 1st year!

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