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Let's face it...
YOU ARE looking for something that works and you don't want to waste time or money

Can I get a dancers body in 21 days?


For Beginners 

Build the Foundation

In 21 days, you'll lay the groundwork for a dancer's physique. Enhance flexibility, improve posture, and feel the grace of movement.


Intermediate/Moderate Level 

Pleasant Progressions

Take your journey a step further. Experience visible toning, improved muscle definition, and increased stamina—a dance-ready body in progress.


Advanced Participants

Master the Motion

With personalized guidance, sculpt your body into a dancer's form. Enhance strength, flexibility, and the artistry of dance. Your 21-day transformation awaits.

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We understand life gets busy, and priorities shift.

This $27 Challenge is a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

It's not just about workouts; it's about reigniting your spark and embracing a new journey.

This challenge is crafted for busy lives and hearts that crave change. It's not solely about shedding pounds; it's about rediscovering your confidence and vitality. The $27 investment is a small price for the transformative journey that awaits.

What's Included: Your All-Access Pass

36 Workouts to Choose From:

Comprehensive 22-Page Guide:

Easy-to-Follow Calendar 

With access to 36 dynamic workouts, you'll have the variety and flexibility you need to match your fitness level and preferences.

Diverse Workout Selection

Experience the ultimate variety in your fitness routine! Workouts including Barre, Pilates, and Cardio classes.

Your guide includes schedule trackers, recommendations, and everything you need to make the most of this challenge.

Comprehensive calendars and schedules, ensuring a well-organized path to success throughout the NOGA Movement Challenge.

Sample Meal Planner

This is a fitness transformation with more than just workouts! Receive a sample meal planner to complement your efforts and fuel your success.

Track Progress

Track your progress, celebrate milestones, and stay motivated throughout the NOGA Movement challenge. Your journey to a dancer's body is documented, ensuring a holistic approach to your transformation.

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and, let's have a little fun along the way;)

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Meet Laurie Alfano

The spirited creator behind your transformative 3-Week Challenge. As a seasoned Master Barre Instructor, I've certified thousands of instructors worldwide.

Why Trust Me? With a wealth of experience, my mission is to make you great, just like the incredible instructors teaching others across the globe. My infectious blend of fun and inspiration will be your daily motivation, guiding you through a fitness challenge like no other.

What to Expect: Expect more than just workouts – anticipate a journey curated with precision, expertise, and a touch of magic. Every move, every routine is a testament to my passion for crafting fitness experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Join Me for a Transformation: I'm not just here to get you moving; I'm here to inspire transformation – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Together, let's start on this exhilarating journey, sculpting a stronger, happier you with every workout.

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