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Pilates Mat Instructor Training Online

Want to stand out from all the other Pilates instructors? We've got you covered!  

Tired of being led astray by mediocre training options? Frustrated with the uncertainty of choosing a reliable certification, only to end up with an underwhelming instructor trainer? Sick of draining your finances on overpriced programs that label you as just another average instructor?

Here's the truth: You deserve more. Your Pilates journey should be guided by excellence, not compromised by subpar choices. Imagine starting your Pilates Mat Certification Online and stepping into a world where your skills are not only valued but also set you apart. Picture yourself confidently teaching, standing out effortlessly, and enjoying the financial rewards that come with genuine expertise.

For those already certified but feeling stuck—whether it's struggling to fill classes or enduring the monotony of teaching the same routine repeatedly—imagine a refreshing change. What if you could break free from the mundane and reignite your passion for teaching? What if continuing education was not a tedious journey but an inspiring exploration?

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Say goodbye to uncertainty, and welcome a transformative Pilates experience. Join us in revolutionizing your Pilates Mat Certification, where excellence is not just a goal; it's the standard.
What if. . .
You were able to teach sold out classes on a regular basis
You find your passion for teaching with Pilates+
You have studios/gyms reaching out for you to teach
You are able to build a following and continually attract new students
You are able charge a premium for a niche class
You are able to change peoples' lives through movement
You had a Mentor, with years of experience to help you SUCCEED!

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Undecided about the training?

Take a sneak peek with our Virtual Manual, a steal at $7!!!

Dive into the complete virtual library featuring all 27 exercises—an ideal resource for instructors too. Act swiftly, as this irresistible deal won't stick around.

Secure your key to Pilates mastery today!

Laurie Alfano, Creator of Noga Movement and Certified Pilates Instructor* for over 2 decades brings you Pilates+ Online Mat Teacher Training, a Comprehensive Pilates Online Certification.

This is a Lifetime Masterclass Certification. 

Combining my certifications *Power Pilates *Balanced Body *Classical Pilates *Contemporary Pilates


What make this Pilates class different?

Music, weights and unlimited props!

This is not your typical Pilates Mat class with low tempo or no music- This is a dynamically sequenced flow class that is in sync with music for an enhanced experience and a multitude of positive results.

There are so many Pilates instructors, but Pilates+ stands out uniquely from the rest. The music component adds a dynamic layer to the traditional flow of a Pilates Mat class making it fun and addictive. The weights and added props make the classes challenging and effective for students, while giving instructors freedom to evolve, surpassing trends.


Experience the vast learning and thriving community of Pilates+ Instructors FREE in 2024 

*Optional Memberships Available in 2025

When I moved to Florida from New York I had to start my career from scratch. Luckily, my skills in training landed me a job at a Pilates studio in Boca Raton. My fellow instructors were amazing, but to my surprise, my classes stood out. The dynamic rhythm and flow of "The Class" gained attention and became the talk of the town. Sold out constantly, Pilates+ was a success and now I want to share it with you. I've certified thousands of instructors worldwide and now you can learn from me as well. Want to lean my unique teaching techniques? Want the real deal on what it's like to teach and be a teacher? Want to sell out your classes?

The time is NOW! Let's do it!  

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Always looking for new and exciting ways to share her knowledge and expertise, Laurie is excited to share this program with you. 

This is a Lifetime Masterclass Certification. This course will be updated regularly with new classes and relevant material as I continue to culminate my decades of wisdom and experience. I look forward to guiding you on this journey :) Laurie


You will get 1:1 training and mentorship with this program and be on the fast track to starting your teaching career!


Learn the 27 exercises needed to teach The Class, Pilates+

You will receive over 20 hours of video material including full classes. 

Fast Paced - Fun - Efficient learning

A PDF manual

A Virtual Manual- Learn Directly from Laurie 

Pregnancy Guidelines


Injury Assessments 

Pilates Anatomy

History of Pilates

The 6 Principles of Pilates

Benefits and Goals

Video Library of Each Exercise $150 value

Modifications and Advancements for all exercises

Variations for all exercises

Learn to teach to music 

Classes, classes and more classes!

After completion of the course there is an online test. The certification will give instructions on taking the test. It is a written test out with 21 multiple choice questions. Upon Passing you will instantly receive you certificate of completion and be invited to join our exclusive online membership community.

Grab your mat and join us!

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As a first time prospect fitness instructor to a brand new method of teaching and movement, without Laurie Alfano I could possibly have just given up. I was dedicated to succeeding because Laurie was so dedicated to us. She didn’t let us just fail which would have been easy to do, she made sure to explain and teach as if she was a beginner herself. She encouraged us to try again, gave us positive reinforcement, and really gave her time. If we didn’t understand something, we practiced as a group. She worked with us individually. She was committed to our success. She didn’t take the price of training lightly, she appreciated the time and money we were all giving. Personally, I would have paid that price and given that time over again to work with Laurie for any method of movement. She is one of those instructors with invaluable insight that pours over into all areas of teaching and life. She personally is so wonderful as well. She knows how to have fun with her class and making everyone feel comfortable while still accomplishing a full days worth of training materials. I remember constantly laughing while learning so much. I personally was only 21 and so new to training, it took me attending 3 separate trainings to really understand how to teach this particular method. Laurie encouraged me to keep showing up until I could perfect my test out video and really grasp the concepts. For that, I am so grateful to Laurie. She is simply one of the best, and watching her continue to grow her business and succeed in all areas of her life and career is so inspiring. I highly recommend training with Laurie if given the opportunity, it is an investment in yourself with long term reward! 

Celia Coats

Mother and Son on Yoga Mat

Sarah W.

This training was exactly what I was looking for. As a busy Mom of 3, I wanted to get trained, but had no idea where to start. Pilates+ offered everything and more. Me and my youngest did it together :) The training exceeded my expectations and I know I'll be teaching soon.

Boxing Session

Caryn H.

Pilates+ is my new favorite class to teach. I am already an fitness instructor and was looking to add Pilates to my teaching skills. A friend recommended Pilates+ after taking a training with Laurie and I'm happy she did. The course was very informative and to the point... and the music component was amazing! 

Yoga Pose

Stacy L.

I found Pilates+ after I heard about Noga. As a yoga instructor I wanted to check it out. The Noga training looked great, but was not available online yet- so I clicked on the Pilates+ link and I'm so glad I did. I started giving sample classes to my students and now I'm sold out! Being able to add Pilates+ to my teaching repertoire has brought me more clients and ultimately more business, thank you!


Is this a legitimate Pilates Mat Certification?

Certainly! Our program is a bona fide Pilates Mat Certification led by an approved master trainer and program creator. Our trainer has been recognized and authorized in the field, ensuring that you receive top-notch instruction and certification.


Can I teach at a gym, fitness center and/or Pilates studio?

Absolutely! This certification prepares you to excel in various teaching environments. Whether you aspire to teach at a gym, fitness center, or Pilates studio, our training equips you with the skills and confidence to ace your interview and audition.


Why is the program much more affordable than others?

Our program's affordability stems from our commitment to accessibility. We firmly believe in providing top-notch Pilates education that is within reach for everyone, ensuring that quality training is not a luxury but a valuable opportunity for all.


How long is it and is there a test?

Our program is self-paced, allowing you the flexibility to take your time. While most complete it within 60 days, you have the freedom to progress at your own speed. To successfully complete the program, there is a multiple-choice test-out. This ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding and can confidently move forward in your Pilates journey.

Start your journey today

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