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Want to stand out from all the other Pilates instructors? We've got you covered!  

So, you want to be a Pilates Instructor, but don't know where to start. You may be thinking, there are so many instructors in my area already, or would a studio/gym even hire me when they already have so many instructors? How about, will I be able to support myself? Or, How will I stand out?

What about those of you already certified? Are you struggling to fill classes? Are you uninspired teaching the same class over and over? What about your time and money spent traveling for Continuing Education?

We Hear YOU! 

What if. . .

You were able to teach sold out classes on a regular basis

You find your passion for teaching with Pilates+

You have studios/gyms reaching out for you to teach

You are able to build a following and continually attract new students

You are able charge a premium for a niche class

You are able to change peoples' lives through movement

Pilates+ The Class

Laurie Alfano, Creator of Noga Movement and Certified Pilates instructor for over 2 decades brings you Pilates+ Online Mat Teacher Training.

After years of successfully certifying instructors and creating innovative fitness programs, it was time to move into the online space. But why? What make this class different?

Music, weights and unlimited props!

There are so many Pilates instructors, but Pilates+ stands out uniquely from the rest. The music component adds a dynamic layer to the traditional flow of a Pilates Mat class making it fun and addictive. The weights and added props make the classes challenging and effective for students, while giving instructors freedom to evolve, surpassing trends.




When I moved to Florida from New York I had to start my career from scratch. Luckily, my skills in training landed me a job at a Pilates studio. My fellow instructors were amazing, but to my surprise, my classes stood out. The dynamic rhythm and flow of "The Class" gained attention and became the talk of the town. Sold out constantly, Pilates+ was a success and now I want to share it with you. I've certified thousands of instructors worldwide and now you can learn from me as well. Want to lean my unique teaching techniques? Want the real deal on what it's like to teach and be a teacher? Want to sell out your classes?

The time is NOW! Let's do it!  

Always looking for new and exciting ways to share her knowledge and expertise, Laurie is excited to share this program with you. 

You will get 1:1 training and mentorship with this program and be on the fast track to starting your teaching career!


Learn the 27 exercises needed to teach The Class, Pilates+

You will receive over 10 hours of video material including full classes. 

Fast Paced - Fun - Efficient learning

A PDF manual

A Virtual Manual 

Pregnancy Guidelines

Injury Assessments 

Pilates Anatomy

History of Pilates

The 6 Principles of Pilates

Benefits and Goals

Modifications and Advancements for all exercises

Variations for all exercises

Learn to teach to music 

After completion of the course there is an online test. The certification will give instructions on taking the test. It is a written test out with 21 questions. Upon Passing you will instantly receive you certificate of completion and be invited to join our exclusive online membership community.

Grab your mat and join us!

Ready to Start

Sarah W.

This training was exactly what I was looking for. As a busy Mom of 3, I wanted to get trained, but had no idea where to start. Pilates+ offered everything and more. Me and my youngest did it together :) The training exceeded my expectations and I know I'll be teaching soon.

Caryn H.

Pilates+ is my new favorite class to teach. I am already an fitness instructor and was looking to add Pilates to my teaching skills. A friend recommended Pilates+ after taking a training with Laurie and I'm happy she did. The course was very informative and to the point... and the music component was amazing! 

Stacy L.

I found Pilates+ after I heard about Noga. As a yoga instructor I wanted to check it out. The Noga training looked great, but was not available online yet- so I clicked on the Pilates+ link and I'm so glad I did. I started giving sample classes to my students and now I'm sold out! Being able to add Pilates+ to my teaching repertoire has brought me more clients and ultimately more business, thank you!

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