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When in Doubt- Sweat it Out!

Life can feel stressful sometimes but before you let yourself dive into a dark gloomy space, why not try a sweat sesh. I know... you're probably thinking that's the last thing I want to do, but movin' and shakin' can do more than just boost your endorphins a little. Besides lifting your mood, you'll elevate the pump to your most important muscle, the HEART... and once that heart is pumpin' you'll be more apt to handle stress in stride and potentially be more loving to yourself. Accomplished, determined, empowered, strong; all these words help describe how you feel after even a mini workout, so why it give it a shot.

Here are 4 movements you can do anytime/anywhere to elevate your happiness.


Just like it sounds... crank up that music and start moving. A little shimmy, a big hip shake, or your favorite dance routine (Hello Brittany Spears Toxic :), once you start it becomes more fun. Make sure you love the music and use headphones if necessary, a good mood can be one song away.


The actual apparatus is not even necessary. Hug your elbows into your ribs and circle your arms while hopping. You can do fancy footwork, shuffling legs side to side, or hopping both feet together for the ultimate experience. You can do this in under 5 minutes and truthfully you'll feel great after 1 minute- woohoo!


The list just keeps getting better. Who doesn't love an endurance competition where the only competitor is you? Reach your arms straight out to the sides of your body and perform 3 small arm circles each direction (The size of a tennis ball is perfect), then bring arms directly in front of shoulders and perform 3 small arm circles each direction. Continue circling to the side and to the front without lowering your arms. This one always brings a smile to the face when the burn sets in. Fun tip: Have family or friends arounds? Try with them and see who can do the longest.


This one only applies if you have a step, or something sturdy to step on. Step up 1 foot at a time and step down. Try doing 10 with the right foot starting first, then 10 with the left, 10 alternating feet. Steps are amazing for at home fitness so don't just use them to climb the levels in your dwelling, use them as steps towards a good mood.

If you had time to read this post you have time to boost your mood. We need not think of workouts as only scheduled and for 60 minutes. Movement happens every second of the day and if you can use your time and space to elevate your demeanor, then why not? All it takes is a few minutes to turn any frown upside down. Choose positivity, choose happiness, and always choose to take care of your health.

Do you have fun and simple ways to boost your mood at home? Please comment below.

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