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These are a few of my Favorite Things... for Home Workouts

If you're like most people, life flipped upside down around March of 2020 and the way we go about our routine had to be reset. For me, getting up to go teach at a studio quickly transitioned to daily online workouts taught from my backyard; but honestly my teenage dreams of getting to be like Gilad and Denise Austin, teaching from beautiful locations like Hawaii and Israel first thing in the morning, seemed to be materializing and I fully embraced it.

Now, over 2 years later I have a thriving online studio, filled with a wonderful community of like minded people, who want to keep fit and healthy despite the outer world restrictions. Although some crave the energy of human touch and camaraderie, we've been able to keep the connection strong through consistency, mindfulness and fun. A stress free, easy way to maintain our figure- no traffic, no fashion issues, no parking problems, no worries- just move!

The Simple Life

Working out at home is a gift many take for granted. The ability to keep ourselves fit, strong and flexible is inherent in our nature and we don't need any fancy spaces or machines to do this. We've just been conditioned for years to think that in order to get in shape or lose weight, we go to the gym, or studio, or spin class etc. And what this has done is programmed our minds to lose focus if we are not "in the right space". You can however get fit anywhere, all it takes is consistency, so if you have not already, perhaps its time to give it a try.

Where to start

Maybe you're thinking... I can do this or maybe not. You may be the person who thinks home is distracting, or the kids need you, or your time is your time and you need to get away to get it. That's the beauty of being home however, you can close the door, put on headphones, be there for your kids, even get them to join in, put in a load of laundry, stay in you pajamas and still workout, there are no restrictions. The only thing you gain from trying is experience and the only thing you can lose is weight, inches and body fat, so why not try.

Lets' Begin

At home workouts do vary and some classes offer the use of props. This leads to the main purpose of this article- my favorite things. For an at home workout fan, fitness fanatic, weekend warrior or even the traditional gym goer this list has it all. Without further adieu, here is a list of my favorite things (for working out at home).

The List

This is not a promoted post- these are products I love to personally use.

Stretch Band

The stretch band is super versatile for all kinds of fitness classes. I love that you can take it anywhere, especially traveling. Since the stretch band adds resistance to our range of motion, it helps promote good alignment when used properly. I love this set as they come in multiple tensions and the band stays in place and does not roll up like the elastic ones.


The Vergali Booty Bands includes 4 Resistance Strength bands made with high quality fabric material. The inner side of each band contains a rubber grip to help keep the bands in place while you workout. No more worrying about slipping or sliding during each exercise. The bands also include a carrying case making it ideal for traveling. Bring the bands with you to the gym or workout out at home. More Info

Hand Weights/Dumbbells

Weights are paramount to maintaining strength and muscle mass especially as we get older. I love the material of these weights for maintaining a good grip and also lessening the noise when I drop them.

ProElite Urethane Dumbbell

The most durable low weight-range dumbbells are perfect for group classes! Featuring a cast iron inner dumbbell encased with a durable, matte black Urethane coating. Coating is slightly textured for better grip, while comfortable to hold. It also protects floors, keeps dumbbells from rolling when not in use, and dampens noise if dropped. More Info

Small Ball

The small ball is super fun to exercise with. There are so many ways to help improve exercises, yet also as many ways to challenge using this great prop.

ProBody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball with Pump

The mini exercise ball can effectively stimulate your abdominal and inner thighs muscles, increase your flexibility, strength and endurance! Can add instability and resistance to do a variety of exercises, and very suitable for relaxation of the body. Most importantly, it makes your exercise full of freshness and fun. More Info

Foam Roller

When you consistently add working out to your lifestyle you must not neglect recovery. A foam roller is the perfect prop for home stretching and workouts. From Pilates to release and restore, a foam roller is like a self deep tissue massage, when used correctly.

Gaiam Essentials Foam Roller

High-Density Muscle Roller Offers Relief For Back Pain And Can Help To Isolate And Alleviate Trigger Points In The Body With Deep Tissue Pressure And Massage, Ideal For Total Body Work: Foam Rollers Are An Excellent Way To Work Out Kinks, Knots, Tight Muscles, Back Pain And Overall Soreness From Exercise And Fitness Activities (Running, Weightlifting, Physical Therapy). More Info

Clothes/ Workout Wear

Pajamas are not for everyday, you need something to support you when you workout and you want to look and feel good. My absolute favorite workout wear is Beyond Yoga! When they say buttery soft, they are not kidding. I love they way their clothes look and feel. Right now I'm rocking high waisted space dye midis with mix and matching cropped tops- I don't think I'll ever need Lululemon again, I'm a Beyond Yoga super fan!

Beyond Yoga is the buttery softest activewear & athleisure with the versatility for both being active and lounging. Female founded and led with an over 89% female identifying team, our empowering collections are responsibly made and inclusively sized for looks you can sweat in, chill in, and believe in.

Yoga Bolster

A mindful practice helps us stay clear minded and focused- something necessary in workouts, especially at home. A consistent meditation practice brings more happiness and success to our daily life. For meditation and more, I love to use a yoga bolster. The ability to sit comfortably for a longer period of time helps our mind stay focused and allows us to relax.

NGT new guide steps Yoga Bolster Pillow

Perfect companion to recover practice: The bolster pillow provides perfect support to help alleviate pressure on joints, provides lumbar relief, deep stretches and total relaxation, very good for relaxation whilst focusing on yoga or meditation. More Info

Final Thoughts

At home workouts are a convenient way to stay fit, happy and healthy, while maintaining a balanced life. Maybe you've always wanted a try working out at home but didn't know what you needed or where to start. I hope this list inspires you to set up a small space for a new healthy habit. Whether losing weight, getting chiseled, becoming more flexible or learning to meditate, I invite you to try a class online at Noga Movement- let's be happy and healthy together- xo Laurie

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