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Take off your Rose Colored Glasses- Neptune is Retrograde

From June 28th, 2022 until December 3rd, 2022 Neptune will Retrograde in Pisces

Wake up, wake up! The dream is coming to an end and reality is blaring louder than an alarm clock. Most do not want to awaken, even though the dream has been anything but pleasant. Comfort and security are highly coveted, but is anything really comfortable and secure?

You may not believe the media and that's okay, you may not believe your friends and that's okay, you may not believe your family and that okay as well. What's not okay is not believing yourself- open your eyes, open your ears and wake up, the illusion has ended.

"The delusion washed over the eyes of the people as they walked through each day in a slumber; unaware of the deception taking place right in front of them".

"As the veil lifted they refused to believe, living in the comfort and false security the illusion has created".

The astrological signs Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius sun/moon/rising will experience this transit the most.

Neptune is the Planet of spirituality, illusion, drugs sex and alcohol.

Pisces’ modern ruler is Neptune therefore it shares those Neptunian energies of being dreamy, sensitive, full of imagination and rules over the 12th house- which is the house of secrets, intuition, addiction, healing and dreams.

With Neptune retrograde from 6/28/22 to 12/3/22 some of your illusions and dreams are becoming more clear and realistic giving you a deeper understanding of what’s been going on with you and around you— the veil is being lifted.

You may think of this as an astrological reality check to allow you to truly align yourself with what connects you to your vision, your intuition and what you most want to manifest for yourself.

You may be questioning yourself and your intuition, but Neptune is giving the warning that -you need to trust yourself and pay attention to the situation at hand and all its elements.

Neptune Retrograde Energies

  • You may notice more frequent weird dreams

  • You may learn it’s time to cut certain people off

  • You may have to face the truth about something and no longer be able to be in denial about it anymore

  • Hidden information may be exposed

  • Spiritual enlightenment

  • Evaluation your emotional attachments

This is also a great time for anyone trying to quit smoking, gambling, drinking or anything they consider an addiction.

Want to learn more about Neptune Retrograde and how the energies will pertain to you? Book a session and get the clarity you need to evolve.

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