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Shadow Work 101: Exploring the Intense Transit of Black Moon Lilith and Pluto

Astrology is a never-ending journey of exploration, and as an astrologer and human design guide, it is important to keep learning and evolving. One of the most intriguing and complex aspects of astrology is the interaction between Black Moon Lilith and Pluto. These two celestial bodies have a reputation for being the darkest and most intense energies in the zodiac, and when they come together, the results can be both challenging and transformative.

Black Moon Lilith is a point in space that represents the dark and primal feminine energy that has been suppressed by society. It is often associated with anger, rebellion, and the shadow side of our personalities. When Black Moon Lilith is prominently placed in a birth chart, it can indicate a person who is highly attuned to their own darkness and is unafraid to explore it.

Pluto, on the other hand, is the planet of death, transformation, and rebirth. It is associated with the deep, intense, and sometimes painful process of letting go of what no longer serves us in order to make room for new growth and evolution. Pluto's transits can be highly challenging, but they also offer the potential for profound growth and transformation.

When Black Moon Lilith and Pluto come together in a transit, the results can be explosive. This is a time when the suppressed anger, rebellion, and darkness represented by Black Moon Lilith are brought to the surface and are forced to confront the transformative power of Pluto. This can be a highly challenging and intense time, but it can also be an opportunity for profound growth and evolution.

As an astrologer with Black Moon Lilith at 0 degrees (Aquarius) in my birth chart, and transit Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn inching closer at the time of this writing, I am fascinated by the upcoming transit and its potential impact. This potent transit holds significant meaning for me, as the 0-degree placement of Black Moon Lilith indicates that I am highly sensitive and attuned to the very beginning of things. Conversely, the 29-degree placement of Pluto represents the end of a cycle and the willingness to let go of what no longer serves me.

This particular transit brings a unique opportunity for me to confront the suppressed anger, rebellion, and darkness that I may or may not know I have kept hidden for years. While this can be a daunting and challenging time, I recognize the potential for profound growth and evolution, which is why I am delving deeper into this transit and sharing my insights with my community.

By understanding the intricate interplay between Black Moon Lilith and Pluto, I hope to provide my clients and astro friends with a better understanding of this transformative energy and help them navigate this intense period of their lives. As an astrologer, it is my responsibility to provide valuable insights and guidance to those seeking to explore their birth chart and harness the potential of astrological transits.

During any Pluto transit, you may find yourself confronting deep-seated anger, rebellion, and darkness that you have suppressed for years. This may be a challenging and intense time, but it is also an opportunity to release these emotions and transform them into something more positive and empowering. These transits may also bring up issues related to power, control, and the shadow side of your personality. It is important to confront these issues head-on and to use this transit as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Black Moon Lilith can make a variety of aspects to Pluto, each with its own unique influence and challenges. Here's what to expect and how to navigate these powerful energies:

Conjunction: When Black Moon Lilith forms a conjunction with Pluto, the transformative power of Pluto is intensified. This aspect brings suppressed anger, rebellion, and deep-seated fears to the surface, demanding attention and healing. You might feel a surge of intense emotions, prompting a journey into the depths of your psyche. This is an opportunity for profound transformation; face these shadows head-on, engage in deep emotional work, and allow yourself to release what no longer serves you.

Square: A square between Black Moon Lilith and Pluto creates significant tension and conflict around issues of power, control, and personal autonomy. This aspect can manifest as power struggles, both internally and externally. You may experience a strong push to break free from restrictive influences or confront oppressive situations. To navigate this energy, practice deep introspection and shadow work. Acknowledge your inner conflicts, understand their roots, and work towards integrating these aspects of yourself. It's a time to assert your power constructively while respecting others' boundaries.

Trine: A trine between Black Moon Lilith and Pluto brings a harmonious flow to the process of exploring and integrating your darker aspects. This aspect supports a smoother, more natural journey into self-discovery and transformation. You might find it easier to confront and welcome your shadow side, leading to profound personal growth. Use this energy to delve into creative projects, therapeutic practices, or spiritual pursuits that help you understand and integrate your deeper emotions and instincts.

Sextile: A sextile between Black Moon Lilith and Pluto offers opportunities for growth and evolution through creative expression and breaking free from old patterns. This aspect encourages you to harness your unique talents and unconventional ideas to transform your life. It’s an excellent time to engage in activities that allow for self-expression, whether through art, writing, or any form of creative endeavor. honor the chance to innovate and redefine yourself, stepping away from limiting beliefs and outdated habits.

Practical Steps:

  • Journaling: Regularly journal your thoughts and feelings to uncover hidden emotions and patterns.

  • Therapy or Counseling: Seek professional help to navigate intense emotional landscapes and facilitate healing.

  • Creative Expression: Use art, music, writing, or any creative outlet to channel and transform your inner experiences.

  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Practice mindfulness to stay grounded and present, helping you process emotions as they arise.

  • Shadow Work: Engage in shadow work practices to integrate and heal your darker aspects.

By understanding and working with these aspects, you can harness the transformative power of Black Moon Lilith and Pluto to achieve deep, lasting change and personal evolution.

Black Moon Lilith and Pluto

Now, let's get real - the interaction between Black Moon Lilith and Pluto is no walk in the park. When these two planetary energies come together, it's like lighting a match in a room full of gasoline - things can get explosive, fast. But fear not, my fellow astro-enthusiasts! While this transit may be tough, it's also an incredible opportunity to face our deepest fears and come out stronger on the other side.

Black Moon Lilith and Pluto

It's like going to the gym for the first time in ages - it's going to be tough, you're going to feel the burn, and you might even question why you're putting yourself through this. But just like how exercise transforms your body, this transit has the power to transform your soul.

Welcoming the intensity of Black Moon Lilith and Pluto together can help us discover our full potential and honor our shadow selves with open arms.

So, don't be afraid to dive deep into your Pluto and BML transits and all its complexities. Remember, there's light at the end of the tunnel (and maybe even a few well-deserved cocktails once we make it out). Let's harness the power of Black Moon Lilith and Pluto and emerge from this transit as strong and empowered individuals.

The interaction between Black Moon Lilith and Pluto is a powerful and transformative force in astrology. When these two energies come together in a transit, the results can be both challenging and empowering.

If you have Black Moon Lilith and Pluto in a significant transit, I would love to hear your experiences with this powerful and transformative energy. Share your insights and journey with me and the community, and let's navigate this cosmic dance together. Remember, the intensity of this transit can be tough, but the rewards of facing our shadow selves are immeasurable. Let's embrace the power of Black Moon Lilith and Pluto and emerge from this transit stronger and more empowered than ever before.




Intrigued by the intense energies of Black Moon Lilith and Pluto? Don't miss our next post, 'Shadow Work 102: Confronting Inner Shadows with Neptune Opposite Lilith,' where we delve even deeper into transformative shadow work techniques!

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Max R.
Max R.
14 hours ago
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Tomorrow, I've got my Lilith sextile Pluto transit happening in my 7th house. Lilith is in Gemini and Pluto is in Scorpio in my natal birth chart. Since the 7th house is all about relationships, could this mean some changes are coming for me in that area of life? I have never been in a long term relationship before but I have feelings for someone. Unfortunately, she's seeing someone else right now. Even though we don't talk much, I feel a strong, almost karmic connection to her. Her Sun, Moon and Saturn aspects my Saturn in synastry. She has her Lilith in Pisces, also Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn in Pisces. I am a Pisces Rising. What could this transit…


Apr 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

My Pluto 1 degree in Aquarius is very close to transiting my black moon Lilith at 2 degrees in the first house.

Just recently my relationship ended due to power dynamics and jealousy issues as he felt I was too sensual with others. It was a very transformative relationship where he was integrated in his shadows and he was teaching me to take off my mask of “love and light”. I also have been going through a deep process of seeing my suppressed fears and reprogramming my conscious mind to feel safe.

Additional themes: empowered leadership, inner rebel not wanting to conform, darker thoughts that I never had before, wanting to be in a healthy monogamous relationship where I have…

Replying to

Thank you for sharing your experience so openly—it really illustrates the profound impact these transits can have on our personal evolution. It sounds like your journey with Pluto and Black Moon Lilith in the first house is bringing some deep-seated issues to the surface, helping you peel away the layers to reveal your true self. This transformation, while intense, is a powerful step towards living more authentically and opening up your innate power and sensuality. Keep harnessing this energy to empower yourself and you'll gravitate towards relationships that respect and celebrate your freedom and individuality. Staying connected to this inner work will help you see your reality and desires align more closely. Your path is a brave one, filled with…


Mar 23

What happens if I have a Scorpio Lilith conjunct junct my Libra Pluto in my 7th House? Those are my only 7th house placements 😬

Replying to

That's a potent combination in your 7th house! You're likely to experience intense and transformative relationships and a deep need for empowerment with your closest partnerships. You may attract or be attracted to powerful, even challenging, dynamics that push you to confront deeper truths about yourself and others.

In relationships, you might find themes of control, obsession, or power plays, meaning you need to address issues around trust, and vulnerability. The positive is using these experiences to foster deeper, more authentic connections.

The 7th house not only represents partnerships but also open enemies, so it's important to be aware and willing to evolve. Dive deep and confront your shadows, to make stronger, more authentic connections. xo


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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