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Pilates MAT Instructor Teacher Training: 5 Best Certifications for 2024

Pilates certifications are hot right now and it's no surprise since the industry has a higher than average job growth rate over the next six years. Pilates instructors can earn an average of $55,000, which is an amazing salary for someone who wants to help others get fit.

If your goal is to help others and are passionate about mind, body and wellness, check out the five best Pilates Mat instructor certifications below. Listed below are the prerequisites, pricing and program lengths to help you choose which is right for you.

The Balanced Body® Pilates Mat instructor training includes the complete Pilates Mat repertoire as well as an introduction to the movement principles that make Pilates such a successful exercise program. Modifications and variations are included to help you successfully teach a wide range of clients. Balanced Body® Pilates Mat instructor training will empower you to become a successful, creative and transformative Pilates teacher.

  • Prerequisites: 10 Pilates Mat sessions, six months of work experience in related field (recommended), Anatomy (recommended)

  • Price: Course prices range depending on the advanced level and additional materials required. Typically, the courses cost between $400 and $500, manual cost $50, and other videos cost $10.

  • Program Length Mat Instructor Training: 134 hours. Upon completion, you will receive recognition on the Balanced Body website and Pilates instructor certification.

The Power Pilates curriculum provides the highest quality education and Pilates training within the industry. Uniform training standards and our Power Pilates Teaching Tools provide an essential blueprint for students to reach their full potential. These tools address the anatomical foundations, ideal and alternative movements, and specific verbal and sensory cues to provide the student with a thorough teaching foundation.

Core Mat I graduates teach intro and beginner group classes and private sessions.

Core Mat II graduates teach mixed level group classes as well as intermediate private sessions.

Core Mat III graduates teach advanced clients, such as dancers, athletes, and fitness professionals.

  • Prerequisites: This course focuses on teaching you how to teach the beginner exercises. Our Master Teachers will assume that you already know the exercises.Upon course registration you will receive a free Classical Mat workout video. Practice this video at least 10 times. This video will help you experience and memorize the exercise names and Classical order of exercises before the start of the course. Practice teaching during the Core Mat I intensive with fellow students Pass both the take-home written exam and the practical evaluation given at the end of the program weekend

  • Price: $650.00 regular price for US programs ($700 for New York City programs), international pricing varies by location. Tuition includes the manual, weekend training, exams, and one retest if necessary.

  • Program Length: 16 hours each level (2 or 3 days, depending on location)

Pilates Instructor Laurie Alfano, Classical Pilates trained and certified by Power Pilates and Balanced Body, uniquely evolved the mat to create "The Class". Recognizing technology, NOGA utilizes the online space to bringing virtual trainings to life. Virtual manual and classes, live monthly q&a , plus it is an lifetime ongoing and updated masterclass- wow!

  • Prerequisites: None to start the course, but it is recommended to take at least 30 classes prior to test-out. (Included in Certification)

  • Price: $297 all inclusive. *For a limited time grab the virtual manual for only $9!

  • Program Length: Self paced learning, start anytime. Online test-out of multiple choice options included with training, receive certificate immediately.

The Mat Program provides a thorough education in the Pilates Mat work and its infinite applications. It is also the perfect springboard into the Comprehensive Programs that are offered in the U.S. and globally. The Mat Program is often taught as a part of the Comprehensive Program and is the same curriculum for U.S. and international students.

  • Prerequisites: Attend all Modules, Pass final online written exam, Complete a minimum of 15 Observation hours, Complete a minimum of 40 Self-Practice hours, Complete a minimum of 30 Student Teaching hours, Pass final practical exam, Pass final teaching evaluationIn the USA the final Practical exam and final Teaching Evaluation are conducted at a Centralized Testing location.

  • Price: $1099 (U.S.) or $1095 (Global)

  • Program Length: This 6-module program spans 4 days and is comprised of 24 hours of lecture, discussion, exercise practice, and exercise analysis.

The Peak Pilates® Mat Certification program provides a solid foundation in classical Pilates mat work and prepares you to safely and successfully instruct Pilates mat classes. Our classical Mat Certification is a progressive and systematic three-part series that allows you to complete each level of the program at your own pace. You must complete each of the three levels in order: Basic, Intermediate and then Advanced Mat.

  • Prerequisites: Basic Mat Pre-requisites None 15 hours of Classical Mat classes are highly recommended Intermediate Mat Successful completion of the Peak Pilates® Basic Mat course Copy of CPR/Current First Aid Certificate Advanced Mat Successful completion of the Peak Pilates Intermediate Mat course Copy of CPR/First Aid Certificate

  • Price: $685+ Per program

  • Program Length: 47.5 hours

FAQs What is the Best Pilates Certification? There is no direct answer because each courses offers varying teaching techniques, instructors, and course materials. Costs and duration also helps determine which is best for you. But, ultimately, we favor Pilates+. The training is a lifetime membership and includes updated classes and choreography, plus there is bonus CE material included that you pay for in other trainings. The training is set exactly as it would be done live, yet you can look back n the material for years. How Do You Get Certified in Pilates? You must participate in a certification program for the required education, training, experience, and assessments. Once completed, you then take final exam. Some are written, some are online, some are scheduled in person. Can You Make a Living as a Pilates Instructor? Yes. As a certified Pilates instructor, you can open your own Pilates studio, teach at a local studio or gym, offer individual or group sessions at your leisure, and a myriad of other Pilates teaching opportunities. On average, Pilates instructors make an annual salary of around $55,000. However, you can earn up to 35% more yearly as you gain more professional certifications. How Long Does it Take to Become Pilates Certified? The duration to earn your Pilates certification depends on the program and the amount of time you’re dedicating to learning the method in your body. Mat trainings are just the beginning as you may take a 200-600 comprehensive training.

Do you need to certify in the same mat program as comprehensive?

The answer is no, and sometimes it's better to get multiple perspective to find the best teach style for you. Some are more lax, some more strict, a little due diligence goes a long way.

What is the difference between Pilates Mat Training and Comprehensive Pilates Training?

Simply put, mat is done on a mat and comprehensive is done additionally with Pilates Equipment or Machines. They are both very much Pilates, as the whole method is a system built from the mat up.

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