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Spiritual Fitness 101: The Moon and Working Out- Your Guide to Cycles and Physical Energy

Movement has been a part of my daily routine since I can remember. At 3 I started dance classes and now, here we are some 40 years later and I own a fitness business. Working out is just a part of me; it feels great, it's beneficial both physically and mentally, and it's kind of my purpose, so I'm following my instincts (thankfully this guided me well). A few years back I also became extremely interested in the language of astrology; delving into all I can find on the subject and eventually becoming a professional. Recently, after years of this daily routine (read the charts and working out), I've discovered a link between my workouts and the placement of the moon. Not only that, I also found an interesting way to plan the classes I would be teaching to others, based on the same positioning. Here is what I found...

First off, full disclosure- I am a Cancer rising sign. This means the moon is my chart ruler, so I may feel this more strongly than others. Secondly, this is my personal experiment and may be different for each person. Astrology is a complex language and each individuals chart varies, as does a persons age, sex, activity level, eating habits etc. But lets have a little fun.

Moon in Aries

When the Moon is in Aries we are physically strong, more excitable, and ready for action. Dancing, running, ironman, HIIT training- go for it! But here's the downside... Although we feel energetic in the beginning, we may find we exert too much too soon and fizzle out toward the end. They key is to find balance (Libra, opposite of Aries) to sustain this powerful energy.

Moon in Taurus

The Moon in Taurus has us feeling more stable and grounded. We feel more comfortable in our skin and want to maintain our figure. Yoga, barre, kickboxing, Pilates- all good choices. The downside...being too comfortable and overindulging. This is definitely the Moon where we should watch our eating habits. Working out with friends, nature walks or sneaking in an extra workout at home can help us keep our focus.

Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini makes us feel curious and we want to have fun! Trying a new workout to satisfy our inquisitive mind or anything exciting- salsa dancing, aerial yoga, even axe throwing, will be perfect during this time. The downside....enquiring minds want to know and that can make us distracted, also too many options can leave us ready to through in the towel on the workout and go do something else. Tossing a coin or even overbooking classes can benefit greatly, then you just choose from the fabulous options you gave yourself.

Moon in Cancer

The Moon in Cancer is sensitive and dreamy. We long for past memories of beautiful times and flow where life takes us. Pilates, yoga, activities we used to do, or any at home workout will warm our soul. The downside...the past- we may be so focused on what we used to do, or how we used to look, or we we used to workout that we become exhausted with the present. The key is to have a structured plan and commit to it- try booking a class that has a no refund policy or late fee.

Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo is heart centric. We want to do things we love and we want to do them passionately. We also feel more courageous, so hiking, rock climbing, aerial yoga, anything that requires a little bravery can do the trick. The downside...With accomplishment could come ego; we must be careful to do things safely. Beware of anything that may go wrong as a dramatic scene may unfold. Using our head, along with our heart is necessary. Being bold is one thing but we need to be smart about it.

Moon in Virgo

The Moon in Virgo is focused on health, as also strives for perfection. We want to do things,, perfectly! We are refined, organized, and pay attention to the details, meaning workouts that require technique and form; Capoeira, Tai Chi, barre, are all great choices. The downside...Being overly critical or nitpicking everything, from the workout, to our outfit, to how we performed. Staying focused on our long term goals and not just the daily routine works during this time. Also, we evaluate our health routine at this time- food, exercise, water, sleep; it's the time to set consistent goals monthly.

Moon in Libra

When the Moon is in Libra we play fair. Activities that help us balance like yoga, barre or anything we need but haven't done in a while brings us back to our center. The downside...we may be slightly judgmental (of ourselves and others) at this time, or weighed down by options. The key is to focus our energy toward our workout and not everything else going on around us.

Moon in Scorpio

The Moon is in Scorpio is where we show off, or at least where we want to. Kicking our leg the highest in class, being front and center, and sharing all our goodness with others. Any workout we we compete with others works during this time. The downside....Not feeling like we are at our best and comparing ourselves to others. The key is to focus on our value at this time, comparing ourselves only with our own last workout.

Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon is Sagittarius inspires us to shoot for the stars and learn as we go. New activities, spiritual retreats, and anything that inspires us will keep us moving forward. A more hopeful outlook helps us push ourselves towards fun. The downside... being too optimistic with our progress may leave our head in the clouds, making us more clumsy. The key is to focus on the fun workout of the present moment, not how it may look in the future.

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn makes us more serious and determined. Strength, stamina and endurance are in complete control, making activities like strength training, HIIT, and bootcamp perfect. The downside...we may push forward too hard with disregard for anything but the end goal. The key is to realize we may be vulnerable to certain things and must protect ourselves in order to remain strong.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon in Aquarius makes us more technical and smart about our workouts. Wearing a heart rate monitor to see our metrics, trying new ways to do old things, pole dancing and Orange Theory, all work during this uniquely creative time of the month. We may see things differently, without attached emotions, so we can workout for the best results in the least time (or whatever our goal is). The downside...we may choose science over our heart, perhaps getting a great workout but not necessarily liking it. The key is to find movement we can be consistent with. We can try different variations of what we know we love.

Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces has us feeling more intuitive and spiritual. Calm and peaceful activities like stretching, yoga, and tai chi all work well. The downside...there is a tendency to feel tired at this time, especially if outside circumstances are involved. The key is to stay focused on the particular activity and try to connect with our best self.

The Moon spends about 2-3 days in each sign per month, making for very interesting cycles (if you watch them). To find out where the Moon is each day visit and online calculator, like the one here . Not only is this great to check how you may feel during workouts but, it's also a great way for fitness instructors and trainers to plan or theme their classes. Working in this business for over 20 years definitely taught me some things, like you must always be fresh and inspiring. It's been amazing to work with the planetary energies that we all vibe on together and see the success with myself and my clients. It has also helped me keep my own kind of structure while the outside world has been anything but that.

I hope you found this article helpful and would love to hear your comments. How does the moon affect you and you workout? Do you resonate with where the moon is? Perhaps a reading is in your future?

Be safe, be healthy, be happy- xo


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This is all wonderful advice that I never thought of. After reading this, I’m more aware of workout versus results. I tend to be very critical of how I perform and what my results are. Thank you for sharing I believe this will help me improve what I’m striving for Sincerely love you Jan Gerken

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