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Full Moon Gemini 2022 Horoscope- Venus Retrograde Capricorn

This is a very powerful time of transition, where not only our beliefs about ourselves, but about the world are being reevaluated. With Venus Retrograde on Pluto, we must prepare for intense transformations. The energy of death and rebirth helps us determine what stays and what goes... and actually, our ego is no match for Pluto, if its done, it’s done!! A whirlwind of unknown may have us walking around with a blindfold on- at least that how some may feel. Caught between the past and the present, this very informative and quirky full moon was flanked by beautiful venus starting her 40 day retrograde. Reevaluating our lives is happening for sure, but did you do the inner work to get to this point? Don’t get lost in the pull backwards and getting stuck in the matrix- there is a beautiful, prosperous and abundant future available, but we must believe we can get there. Deception is at an all time high because spirit is awakening humanity on a daily basis. We now choose to be reawakened into the new world or fall back to sleep into the mundane- time for reflection indeed, but remember no action counts as an action. We have the opportunity to be free and liberated from old worn out constraints- hopefully youre not the one fighting for restrictions, but if you are.... change that perspective today. The future depends on our collective support And positive alignment.

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