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Ego Manifestor 2.0: Upgrading Your Inner Authority

Ego Manifestor Human Design

Ego, My Guiding Star: A Manifestor's Manifesto

In a world constantly chanting the mantra of "kill the ego," here I stand, a proud ego authority human design Manifestor, waving my flag of self-assertion. Yes, you heard it right. I'm sick of the ego-bashing bandwagon. "Oh, that's your ego talking." Well, guess what? I certainly hope it is. Because in the grand scheme of my life's narrative, my ego isn't just a bit player; it's the lead actor.

Ego – My Authority, My Ally

Let's get one thing straight: when you're an ego authority, the ego is not your enemy. It's your compass, your sounding board, and, dare I say, your confidante. In a world that's quick to dismiss the ego as some sort of villainous trait, I've learned to embrace it as my guiding star. It's about high time we evolved our vocabulary and perspectives about the ego. It's not a relic of our primal past; it's a sophisticated tool for navigating the modern complexity of choices, from life-altering decisions to picking a movie on a Friday night.

Resolution Revolution: Beyond Ego-Bashing

New Year's resolutions – a time when "experts" emerge from every nook and cranny, advising us to make choices that are supposedly "not from the ego." But let's be real: are we still cave dwellers trying to survive a harsh winter, or are we evolved beings capable of making nuanced decisions? The constant undermining of ego-driven resolutions is not just outdated; it's an oversimplification of our intricate human experience. My manifesto? Make resolutions that resonate with your core, ego included.

Evolve or Stay Silent

To those still clinging to the archaic notion that the ego is an entity to be battled and subdued: please, step aside. Your outdated terminology is a cacophony in the symphony of modern thought. If you're not on board with the evolution of concepts and language, then let's agree to disagree. And a friendly piece of advice: if you're planning to sell me something wrapped in the cloth of ego negation, save your breath. I'm not buying.

Embracing the Ego

As an ego authority human design manifestor, I stand tall and unapologetic. My ego is not a shadow to be outrun; it's the light guiding my path. It's time we all reevaluate our relationship with the ego. Let's stop vilifying it and start understanding its role in our personal growth and decision-making. After all, in the grand theater of life, the ego isn't just a character; it's part of the starring cast.

And there you have it – a manifesto for the modern ego authority human design manifestor. A declaration of independence from outdated notions and a celebration of the ego as an essential part of our identity. Let's rewrite the narrative and give the ego its due credit!

xo- Laurie 4/6 Ego Manifestor

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