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Daily horoscope May 2nd, 2021

Today is the day we finally realize there is more to life. Perhaps locked in a bubble of perception or defeated by the matrix standards, it has been more difficult to see the future. But today something shifts... for the better. We start to go deep, with ourselves and others, opening up negotiations for our next steps forward. Details, questions, arrangements, we want to know it all, especially now that are eyes have been opened by some unexpected events. Decisions become the key to next set of doors we open and now that we are able to think outside the box we choose responsibly. Karmic energy may make the day feel heavy, but once we fully focus on the future the sky becomes the limit. That sense of relief is what we are all striving for, so try not to get too comfortable. The more we can separate from our past, the more aligned we become with our future.

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