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Daily Horoscope April 29th, 2021

The day begins with us overthinking or worrying about the future. The funny thing is, the future is shifting with every decision we make in life and nothing is certain- therefore, there should be no fear as we start this day. Our belief systems may come into focus as shocking events open our eyes to the unexpected. Bottom line comes back to grounding ourselves and living in integrity. While the world around us tries to focus on economic stability and governmental control, we notice that it’s anything but stable. Cutting cords that bind us to the matrix narrative will help us intuitively move towards a more positive future. Try to put your focus on only the tasks that are needed today and try not to over commit.

We may need to ground before we begin today. Tried and proven methods of clearing excess ego energy is exercise, any sports, dance, singing, meditation, chanting, walking, tai chi, yoga, or bicycling. You have options.

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