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Daily astrology- MagicMeScope April 20th, 2021

One step closer to happiness- that’s where we are pointed today. A major shift of energy occurred transferring our fiery passion into stable and grounded Taurus. Venus offers the ability to feel our value and worth, Mercury offers the mental stability required to focus on the future, and the Sun brings It all together, mind, body and soul for completeness. Grounding techniques will help keep our heads out of the clouds and our priorities straight. Our heart leads the way and all should feel right. On the contrary, any instability should be addressed. Remember, in real life the “bull” (Taurus) is noticed. He can’t even make it through a China shop without breaking something. Right now is about real, tangible reality, and anything that’s not that will be exposed for what it is. Our 5 senses will detect everything, but its up to us to realize their actuality. Our minds may try to deflect towards cinema or false narratives, but in the end the truth has nowhere to hide. Be true and be you- that’s the best way to be through this earthly transit.

Feel free to enjoy these grounding techniques as necessary through the next few weeks.

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20 avr. 2021

Like the techniques very thoughtful of you Laurie. 👏🏾👏🏾🧘🏽

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