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Cats vs. Dogs (Yoga vs. Noga)

How many times have you heard, or have been a part of this conversation?

Person #1- I have a cat.

Person #2- I don’t like cats.

Person #1- You would like my cat; my cat is like a dog.

But is it? NO! Your cat is a cat, regardless of how cool it is, how trained it is, or just having a great personality. If a person is allergic to cats and not dogs, the person would still be allergic to your cat that you say is like a dog.

This analogy is exactly why I created Noga. I love yoga and have practiced for many years. In recent years however, I have seldom found a class that resembled what I thought was Yoga. Yoga has turned into a mish-mosh of made up classes to out market the others. The descriptions of some classes are more confusing than a fancy coffee order. How do I know what to choose? What is warm, but not too hot?? What is twerking dog? How will gangster rap connect my mind to my body? I’m not discounting those truly teaching traditional Yoga classes, I am merely addressing why there was a need for a new name. Noga is not yoga and doesn’t claim to be, because I truly know the meaning of Yoga and would never just slap something together and throw the name yoga in. Noga is movement, pure and simple. Yes we flow, yes we stretch, but in an intelligent way to get results, not spiritual enlightenment.

Movement is movement, you can call it what you want, but bottom line, it’s necessary. I created Noga to get out of the ideals and to get everybody moving. You understand what is being taught, you understand where to feel it, and you have fun! There is no competition to become a contortionist, no defeated feelings because you can’t bind, and no expectations besides moving to your best ability each and every class.

People keep asking me, “What is Noga?” Noga is movement where you increase flexibility, balance and strength. Noga is fitness education, where our instructors have the ability to provide students with the best session each and every time. Affordable, doable and sustainable, Noga is no gimmicks, its results. Out with the old and in with the new, Join the evolution of fitness, the Noga Nation!

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