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Astrology | Week at a glance

Weekly Summary: 9/6/2021- 9/11/2021

This week the energy moves from inner healing and evolving, to outer life circumstance that demands our attention. The new moon on Monday asks us to level up our daily life and live in our truth. A beautiful grand trine in earth helps us focus on Virgo details so we may manifest what is needed by Friday.

SUNDAY (Uranus) ruler- Moon in Leo.

With new self acceptance in the works, some aspects of outer life are no longer working. VENUS squares PLUTO, forcing relationship and control issues to be resolved. We‘ve come to a turning point and it’s time to make a move. Look for any shocking or unexpected events- that’s where the answers are hiding. MONDAY (Mercury) ruler- Moon in Virgo.

The mind may finally realize our definition of reality must be elevated. This new level is the seed of the NEW MOON IN VIRGO, which trines into URANUS and PLUTO. Are you ready to plant it? VENUS trines JUPITER bringing together new visions or beliefs about the future of the world; including all relationships. MARS trines PLUTO foreshadowing a strategy for what the future will become as control and rules continue to tighten. Our enlightened outlook has the potential to shift the entire course of reality. Set your intentions! TUESDAY (Venus) ruler- Moon in Virgo. Creativity, love, and relaxation rule the day. NEPTUNE retrogrades to º21 Pisces, suggesting the spiritual narrative is now changing for the future. Jupiter retrogrades to º24 Aquarius, revealing the acceptance of a new vision of the future. Stay positive! WEDNESDAY (Neptune) ruler- Moon in Libra. This is a spiritual growth and ascension day. Daily life karma is completely understood and finally released, paving the way for a new spiritual story to be born. MERCURY opposes CHIRON- the mind is able to resolve issues regarding the relationship to ourselves by using our strength and courage, ultimately leading to healing. THURSDAY (Saturn) ruler- Moon in Libra. The time has come to decide what to commit to in daily life and what to get rid of. Not so easy with the moon in Libra- however any decision made (even none) sticks. TRUE NORTH NODE retrogrades to º4 Gemini; we level up! A new dimension of how to think of yourself begins. FRIDAY (Mars) ruler- Moon in Scorpio.

It‘s a day of Action. Put life changes into motion. The Moon crosses Venus at º29 Libra opening us up to a new dynamic of relationship potential for the future. VENUS enters SCORPIO later in the day. Our sense to be fair is now tired of old bullshit- justice now gets served. SATURDAY (Earth) ruler- Moon in Scorpio. Manifestation is the supreme energy of the day. An elevated perspective of reality is now forming. Love yourself and trust the process. It may not look great yet, but we feel the shift.

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