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Astrology at a Glance: 9/19- 9/26 2021

Weekly Summary:

The inner work you have done on yourself in 2021 comes to a completion this week. A full moon on Monday awakens a new spiritual story and makes it a reality. Tests of our strength and endurance follow. Then Libra season comes in with a soul harmonic, asking us to balance our relationship to ourselves with our relationship to others.

SUNDAY- Moon in Pisces.

Today we commit to the new reality we seek life to become. The moon in Pisces may bring back old demons and past issues. The temptation to go backward may feel more comfortable than breaking through towards our next evolution. Stay strong, positive and forward thinking.

MONDAY- Moon in Pisces.

Today we begin our new reality. Some sort action on our part is required to start the ball rolling. The FULL MOON in PISCES shines in the evening, allowing a rebirth of our spiritual story. MERCURY trines JUPITER, helping us to connect a vision for future relationships to a world vision. The team has been chosen.

TUESDAY- Moon in Aries.

Today we have the potential to manifest our new reality into solid form. Trust will be tested. SATURN TRINES BLACK MOON LILITH, asking us to take responsibility, even if we have to face fears.

WEDNESDAY- Moon in Aries.

The last test of everything we learned in the last 30 days may come up. Also, everything we worked to evolve will finally come into reality and fruition. Karma works both ways. MERCURY squares PLUTO, triggering a conflict between relationships, the future, power, and control. Welcome to Libra season.

THURSDAY- Moon in Taurus.

Personal boundaries are defined as we weigh aspects of ourselves. VENUS opposes URANUS, causing a tug of war between upgrading our personal boundaries and maintaining our personal values.

FRIDAY- Moon in Taurus.

Self-love is the paramount energy of the day. Our relationship to ourself is examined based off our level of self-love. We begin to examine if our relationship to ourself is appropriate for our new story and reality.

SATURDAY- Moon in Taurus.

True feelings of self come are on the table for evaluation. A call to release feelings of the old reality is felt strongly. MARS trines SATURN, giving us the opportunity to align inner will power with inner responsibility therefore healing spiritual karma and finding inner peace.

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