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Welcome to your Daily Horoscope

There is Magic all around us. I have access to it and so do you. Magic Me is YOU! Welcome to your Daily Horoscope!

I could not be more excited to be back publishing the daily astrology report. When I first certified in Astrology I knew that it was a skill that must be practiced daily, so I did. Choosing Instagram as the platform seemed like a no-brainer and within a few months the Magic Me Astrology community was thriving. I was so happy to have reached people from all over the world who resonated with my reports and a few of my mentors too; Proud and humble to say the least. After 3 years of daily reports the platform transitioned. I mean, it was the year of the Saturn Pluto conjunction, so I wasn't really expecting anything to stay the same. And then came the fact checks... This was the end for me on Instagram. You see, there is no bias in my reporting, it is what it is and we (having free will), make choices and decisions based on the energy of our particular lives. I don't persuade, I inform, as my goal is respecting everyones journey and being a helpful guide along the way. My final post was fact checked as "Partly false" and I was sent a notice that my posts would not be shared out with my community based on the platforms standards. And here we are, moving away from the OLD and bringing in the NEW. Here's the post, you be the judge.

So, I'm not here to complain, just want you to have some context as to why you will not find me on any mainstream social media :)

Magic Me is about universal energy and our ability to harness it. When we are aware of the energetic forecast, we can better navigate our lives. Let me help guide you through the daily planetary movements with a clear understanding of its magical energy.

Magic Me is astrology, Magic Me is horoscopes, Magic Me is spiritual in a matter of fact way. Magic Me is your daily dose of understanding and offers learning courses and readings for those interested. Crystals, oils, movement and more. I hope you'll join me daily and find the love and support of our community helpful.

Let's make Magic!

Laurie- xo

PS: What's NOGA Movement?

My 2 passions in life are Astrology and Movement. I've found balance in life by blending these 2 passions into my daily routine. Noga is my wellness, lifestyle, fitness platform where I teach clients and certify fitness instructors. Because it is my own creation I was able to seamlessly add astrology into some of my classes. Try Noga Relax or Noga Flow- both movement classes offer stretch and strength, as well as a cosmic weather report live at the end of each class. At NOGA Movement, we don't just workout to look good, we also want to feel good.


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Mar 29, 2021

Perfect. Nice surprise 🧘🏽🤩🪐

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