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Working Out: A Love-Hate Relationship?

Working out is like a relationship. It starts off all exciting and new, but eventually, the honeymoon phase ends, and you're left wondering if it's worth the effort. Here are some thoughts that might have crossed your mind during your love-hate relationship with fitness.

The pre-workout struggle is real.

You're all hyped up to work out, but then you remember you have to change into your workout clothes, pack your gym bag, and actually drive to the gym. Suddenly, Netflix on the couch seems like a better option.

The mirror is not always your friend.

Some days, you look in the mirror and feel like a fitness queen. Other days, you catch a glimpse of yourself mid-workout and wonder why you even bother.

Fitness equipment can be intimidating.

What's that machine called again? And how do you adjust the weights? You can't help but feel like everyone's watching you struggle.

The post-workout high is worth it.

Once you're done working out, you feel like you can conquer the world. You're sweating, but you feel like a million bucks.

Food cravings are real.

Working out makes you hungry, and suddenly, you find yourself craving all the junk food you swore you wouldn't eat.

Motivation comes and goes.

Some days, you're ready to take on the world. Other days, you can barely muster the energy to put on your workout clothes.

At NOGA Movement, we believe that fitness is not just about aesthetics, but it's also about feeling good, being healthy, and taking care of yourself. We know that working out can have its ups and downs, but it's important to keep pushing yourself to be the best version of you. Whether you love it or hate it, we're here to help you on your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. So let's keep pushing and striving for progress, not perfection.

Now, excuse me while I go eat a whole pizza after my workout-lol! #balance


If you're feeling stuck or unmotivated, using affirmations can be a great way to shift your mindset and give you a boost of energy. Take a moment to choose an affirmation that resonates with you and repeat it to yourself throughout the day. You can even write it down and keep it somewhere visible, like on your bathroom mirror or in your workspace. Remember that affirmations work best when you truly believe in them, so try to connect with the words and believe in their power. With consistent use, these affirmations can become a powerful tool to help you achieve your fitness goals and stay motivated on your journey.

"I am capable of achieving my fitness goals and I trust in my body's ability to improve with each workout."

"I prioritize my health and well-being because I know it is important for my overall happiness and longevity."

"I am committed to making positive changes in my lifestyle and making choices that align with my fitness goals."

"I am grateful for the progress I have made so far and trust that with consistency and dedication, I will continue to improve."

"I am worthy of self-care and taking time to prioritize my physical and mental health."

"I am capable of pushing past my limits and achieving new levels of strength and endurance."

"I am proud of myself for making the effort to prioritize my fitness and well-being, even on the days when it's challenging."

"I trust in my body's ability to recover and adapt, and I give myself the rest and recovery time that I need."

"I am motivated by my progress and the positive changes I see in my body and mind."

"I am confident in my ability to make healthy choices and stick to my fitness routine, even in the face of challenges or setbacks."

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