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Presented by Laurie Alfano,
Founder, Creator & Movement Maker

Laurie has been teaching fitness for over 20 years and certifying other instructors for over 10 years. Laurie developed Noga Movement out of a desire to offer high quality, yet affordable instructor trainings- where the trainee benefits most. "It is not enough to be a good instructor anymore, you must be great. Noga Movement will teach you how to teach, as skill that can be used in any program. Don't just learn a class, learn to teach so you can evolve your career." Even better, the course is online. Laurie's teaching style is fun, nurturing and highly effective if your goal is to instruct other bodies in movement. Learn from the best of the best in this interactive online course.

Noga is not yoga, it is intelligently sequenced standing and floor stretches that offer New Opportunities of Greater Awareness
for students and instructors alike.

In this training we will cover

  • Noga Foundation Training Level 1
    Noga Foundation Training Level 1
    ZOOM Livestream
    Aug 28, 1:00 PM
    ZOOM Livestream

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