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Summer Solstice

We shift towards a new chapter of life- feeling our way through past memories and boundary issues. Hello Cancer Season.... and starting with the Moon in Scorpio, we feel it all-

We may feel past karma

We may feel like we are drowning

We may feel overwhelmed

We may feel lost

But.... that’s not the best use of this time. Positivity can guide us through this watery transit- washing away any negative feelings or thoughts. Time to cleanse our souls and leave the past where it belongs, behind us.

Today, take time for yourself. Get some movement, read a book, relax and pamper yourself. Comfort yourself in the uncomfortable as you break through old barriers and start living your new life.

See you on the shore- xo

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Jun 21, 2021

Love the Knowledge you bring to us Laurie 🧘🏽

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