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Better than BARRE! Cardio dance infused with fun, fast and unique sculpting sequences. All Levels

Props: Weights 1-3lbs, stretch band, small ball

Average calorie burn 600 per class. 55 minutes

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Classically evolved full body mat class. Dynamically sequenced with fun variations, props and music.

Props: Weights 1-3lbs, stretch band, small ball

Average calorie burn 300 per class. 55 minutes



Quick paced and really fun, this HIIT workout is our fastest growing program.

Timed cardio and sculpting sequences for the ultimate calorie burn.

Props: Weights 2-30lbs, stretch band

Average calorie burn 500 per class. 45 minutes (Express 30 min).

Marble Surface


Your Stretch Amplified. Yin inspired class sequenced for recovery & rejuvenation. Relax and meditate your muscles with frequency enhanced music.

With Astrology infused, each session is planned with the cosmic weather in mind.

Props: Pillow, yoga block, small ball, wedge, blanket- all optional.

Average calorie burn 175 per class. 55 minutes



Feel your muscles as you flow and stretch through this fitness based yoga class. No Sanskrit, no religion, no chanting, we all MOVE. 

Props: Yoga block, yoga strap- all optional.

Average calorie burn 300

Leaves Shadow


The ultimate pilates workout. Join the top teachers in the industry for a studio style workout in the luxury of your home. Individual assessments and cueing.

Props: Pilates Reformer, box, jump board 

Average calorie burn 450 per class. 55 minutes 

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