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Around the I-Ching in 384 days

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Discover yourself on a unique journey through the I-Ching with my self-paced program, Around the I-Ching in 384 Days. This immersive experience combines the wisdom of the I-Ching with practical activities to deepen your understanding of Human Design. Think of it like a daily horoscope: each gate of the I-Ching is explored over 6 days (lines 1-6), giving you ample time to observe, reflect, and truly experience its energies. This immersive approach not only helps you learn each gate deeply but also retain its valuable insights. Use this year to dive into self-discovery, understand yourself better than ever, and pick up invaluable skills What You Get: Workbook: Gate Descriptions: In-depth exploration of each gate's energies and themes. Reflective Exercises: Daily activities to connect with each gate's energy. Personal Growth Quizzes: Fun, short quizzes to promote self-awareness. Online Community: Supportive Environment: Join a community of like-minded individuals. Engage in meaningful conversations and exchange ideas. Why This Program Stands Out: Self-Paced Flexibility: Move through the program at your own pace. Free: Join the beta version for free! When I first started the Human Design experiment in 2020, I was already a professional astrologer. Transitioning from a language to the experimental nature of Human Design, I found profound growth by immersing myself in the I-Ching gates and reflecting on them deeply. This approach allowed me to integrate HD at a cellular level, leading to powerful personal insights and transformations. Unlike other programs that come with a hefty price tag, Around the I-Ching in 384 Days offers a creative, flexible, and interactive way to explore Human Design. Whether you’re new to Human Design or looking to deepen your practice, this program is designed to help you connect with your true self and understand your unique energies. Join me on this journey and discover the profound insights and growth that await you. xo-Laurie

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Around the I-Ching in 384 days

Around the I-Ching in 384 days

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