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Introducing the one and only creator, founder, owner, mentor, teacher, sage, guide, and guru of NOGA Movement, Laurie Alfano- an absolute powerhouse of knowledge and inspiration. With a witty and charming demeanor, this fitness guru and mother of all teachers has a knack for bringing balance and professionalism to everything she does.

But that's not all - she's also an intuitive astrologer, tapping into the cosmic forces to guide and inspire her followers. Whether she's blogging, instructing, or creating, she brings a unique and refreshing perspective to everything she touches.

So if you're looking for a true master in charge, look no further than the NOGA Movement's very own driving force, Laurie. With her unparalleled expertise and infectious personality, she's sure to elevate your fitness journey to new heights. Get ready to join the movement and experience the transformative power of NOGA for yourself!

Laurie Alfano

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