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Time & Location

Oct 02, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

About The Event

It’s time to EMBRACE THE BURPEE!!  It’s time to crank up the intensity - bring on the sweat - and scorch a million calories.  It’s time to BURPEE - for 21 days of FUN!

I’m so excited to share with you all about our 21 day BURPEE Challenge - where I will prove to you that anyone CAN & WILL be successful with burpees.  And burpees will get you fitter than any other exercise can.

Burpees are such an EPIC exercise  - that we see in all of the most intense workouts from the most hardcore athletes.  They know the amazing benefits of burpees.  And through this challenge, we’re all going to feel like badass athletes, and reap the rewards from 21 days of crazy.

Burpees are an awesome, calorie-torching, strength AND endurance building, full-body exercise.

What exactly is a BURPEE?  Simple.  4 steps put together:

Squat.  Plank.  Squat.  Stand up.

That is a burpee in its simplest form.  Yes - there are a million variations and intensifications to that - but to start, let’s keep it simple.  Then build on from there.  Squat.  Plank.  Squat.  Up.

So let’s chat about how exactly this challenge is going to work …

Each day there’s a new workout challenge to do.  It’s all listed out in the calendar so you can get a sneak peek.  You’ll notice some days we’re focusing on different parts of the burpee - and some days are challenge tracking days.

Here’s a breakdown:

Mondays:  TRACK YOUR TIME in your burpees.  You get an amount to do, and you time yourself doing them.  Each Monday you’ll see improvement :)

Tuesdays:  SQUAT day.  We’re squatting - with a few burpees, for fun.

Wednesdays:  PLANKs & Push Ups.  Working on our form, and of course there’s a few bonus burpees too!

Thursday:  REST DAY!  Take it!!

Friday:  Squat JUMP day!  We’re building power.  (Low impact options are avail!!)

Saturday:  AMRAP challenge day!  It’s our last workout of the week - we gotta go a little crazy :)  You’ll be given a full workout challenge, and a time.  Set your timer and see how many ROUNDS of the workout you can do.

Sunday:  REST DAY.  You’ll need it.  Take it and enjoy!

Each Challenge will be posted on our BLOG challenge page and exclusive Facebook group page DAILY at 8am EST.


We’re all coming at this challenge from a different place with our fitness.  So you’ll notice CYL all over the calendar.  That stands for CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL.  I always list out 3 options with reps, times, etc.  Choose the option that best suits your fitness level.  But don’t get comfortable!  Nothing great comes from comfort zones.  Push yourself and challenge yourself to be better.


I firmly believe anyone can burpee.  And so I offer modifications.  Traditionally, we jump through our burpee movements.  From squat to plank then squat and back up.  But if needed - modify!  STEP through the mo